TRUST ISSUES (PART 1) (singles and married)

The story is told of a tight-rope walker who performed all sorts of stunts. One day, after a much-advertised show, a large crowd had gathered to watch him perform. His fame had spread abroad so no one had doubts about his abilities.

His first stunt was to walk across a rope 500metres long, which was tied from one high-rise building to another. The crowd was in a frenzy as he walked across. Slowly, at first, then quickly. This guy was good. In no time, he had walked across. There was loud applause and cheering from the crowd. “Now, I’m going to walk across the rope with a wheel barrow. Do you believe I can do it?” “Yes you can, we believe!” The crowd responded. He walked across the rope with the wheel barrow as if he were walking on tracks. “My next act for today is to walk on the ropes with a wheelbarrow and 3 large cats. Do you believe I can do it?” “Yes” the crowd yelled. So he walked across carefully with the wheelbarrow.

Finally he announced. “My last act for tonight. I will walk across the rope with a wheel barrow with someone in it. Do you believe I can do it?” The crowd thundered: “Yes you can.” “Okay then. I need a volunteer.” The arena went silent. You could hear a pin drop. They had faith in him. But they couldn’t trust him with their lives.

Many of the issues that break relationships both amongst singles and married people are trust issues. Join me later at 10:00pm for the concluding part of this talk.


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