My dear son, the sad thing about leadership in our part of the world is that we have people vying for leadership when they would have been better selling ice cream or rearing cattle.

We have a situation where either men of vice corrupt their office or the office corrupts men of virtue.

Being advanced in age will not guarantee you’ll be a great leader, neither will being young. It is not the number of years that translate to good decisions but the soundness of mind.

Many people in Nigeria have had leadership thrust on them, or sold to them. So they turn out incompetent, clueless and pathetic. The demons that bedevil us will not only respond to casting and binding.

Rather when we stand for truth, equity, fairness; when we take bold decisions; When we run the office and not let the office run us; When we are ahead in mind of the governors and security agencies; When we have no tribal or religious affiliations superceeding the job we were elected to do; when we place national interest above personal interest; when we accept responsibility for a problem and not cast blames on previous leaders (after all, you should be as glad to accept liabilities like you were to possess assets). When we have done all that, we will discover our demons have been bound and begging to go back to hell.

The way out of wishy washy leadership is preparation. Intense preparation. Sometimes it takes years of intensive study and observation. Until we begin to see leadership in our Nation as serious business and not a tea party, we are not ready.

New leaders are about to emerge.

Gather yourselves together!

Nigeria Unite!



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