Complacency. That big word that sounds so good until it gets you into trouble. I met this guy some time back who approached a couple of us for an enquiry. He was directed to me but he came in rudely, as if I had chased him in the dream the night before and collected his dinner. He was so rude! I calmly asked him why he was aggressive. Oh boy, did I touch the rattlesnake! He demanded to know why I’d dare say he was aggressive when that was the character God gave him. Can you imagine that?

I’ve heard people blame God for all sorts but this one was different. But are we not often like that? We give excuses why we are the way we are. We say “it is hereditary, it is generational, it is peculiar to my tribe, in my place, that’s how we do it.” That makes us feel good because we think we have a genuine reason why we should not change. Unfortunately it keeps us under. I suggest you joyfully push for change. Stop blaming life or God for making you rude, lazy, stubborn, selfish etc. God did not give you any bad character. So stop being complacent.

Enjoy the ride

images[1]I drove my family recently on a short trip. This trip was different because I actually enjoyed the ride. I have embarked on several journeys but most times, I am more preoccupied with my destination than the trip at hand. I focus on the business I’m going for, what awaits me there.

Before now, I wouldn’t have enjoyed the ride. Some years ago, my dear friend, Joel Awogu, paid me a visit. I happened to have taken the day off to visit the hospital. As we woke up that morning and got set to go out, I heard the sound of birds chirping. For the first time in several years, I actually heard birds making melody. Was I excited! It’s not as if the birds had been mute all those years. No. But I never took notice. That day, I took it in.

Many people don’t appreciate nature until when they’re incapacitated. Then the sun and rain you’ve always complained about become a pleasure to behold. People who are near death seem to love fresh air, flowers, animals, the wind and family more. Money is not on their priority list. Determine to treasure the journey. It might be rough and bumpy but once in a while, take your eyes off the destination, go on auto cruise and simply enjoy the ride.



He was a mountaineer. He knew his onions. He had been in this sport for many decades. Maybe before I was even born. He was so good that he never got injured. His friends and co mountain climbers had been involved in one mishap or another, but for him?….no way! He was just too good. Well his being good was not a problem. The problem was with how it made him feel and act. He took it all in arrogantly and then rubbed it in provocatively.

Every other person was a nonentity but he! Well one day while strolling down his street, he stepped on a banana peel, slipped and broke his ankle, knee and shoulder. He who didn’t fall from the mountains fell on a peel. Caution! Let he that thinks he stands take heed lest he fall. Pride goes before a fall.




It used to be a slogan back in the days that Nigeria is the giant of Africa. Whether this is true or not today, I leave to your intellectual objectivity.

Several years ago, we had the groundnut pyramids of Kano, Tin in Jos, Coal in Enugu etc. Where did all these go? We are still the same people in the same location but something has changed about our thinking. What could that be?

I am excited because in the next few months, we will be having a series of talks along this line: Is This The Nation Our Fathers Fought and Died For?

So much seems to have changed. It has become a case of poor in mind, irresponsible or outright ignorant leaders ruling over the affairs of the land. How did we get here as a people?

In your opinion, where did our founding fathers get it wrong? Or at what point did this degeneration begin? I am committed to a better future for my children. What about you?

Hit the comment button and share your thoughts. How did we degenerate to this point as a Nation? Your thoughts will help sharpen others for action.

I am a god. Will you worship me?

Something hit me! Like something hit another object in the Big Bang Theory. I just got to find out that I’m a god. While I regret all that I have missed due to my ignorance (like sacrifices of goats, sheep and cattle. Aha! money too. Yes, some folks offer the gods monetary gifts. I’d love that) I square my shoulders as I brace myself for the future…because I’m a different kind of god.

I am a god: a smaller version of God. So I don’t compete with him instead I work with Him. I am a co-creator. So it is my responsibility to create witty inventions, to set up organizations and help rulers with wisdom for leading.

I am a god: I solve problems. I don’t create them, neither do I run away from them. Creators solve problems; end users only enjoy the benefits of creation. They will never feel the joy, fulfillment and supremacy of the creator. They will never see the opportunities the creator sees. Only problems, problems and more problems.

I am a god. But I won’t die like ordinary men. A god is known by his works, mere men by their words. I show both works and words. My works are evident, my words, succinct. I choose to make a difference in the lives of many.

I am a god but rather than sit under raffia palm in thick forest receiving sacrifices of goats and yam (and beans?) I will sacrifice. I will give myself until I have raised a generation of people with whom I can shout: WE ARE gods.