My dear son, the sad thing about leadership in our part of the world is that we have people vying for leadership when they would have been better selling ice cream or rearing cattle.

We have a situation where either men of vice corrupt their office or the office corrupts men of virtue.

Being advanced in age will not guarantee you’ll be a great leader, neither will being young. It is not the number of years that translate to good decisions but the soundness of mind.

Many people in Nigeria have had leadership thrust on them, or sold to them. So they turn out incompetent, clueless and pathetic. The demons that bedevil us will not only respond to casting and binding.

Rather when we stand for truth, equity, fairness; when we take bold decisions; When we run the office and not let the office run us; When we are ahead in mind of the governors and security agencies; When we have no tribal or religious affiliations superceeding the job we were elected to do; when we place national interest above personal interest; when we accept responsibility for a problem and not cast blames on previous leaders (after all, you should be as glad to accept liabilities like you were to possess assets). When we have done all that, we will discover our demons have been bound and begging to go back to hell.

The way out of wishy washy leadership is preparation. Intense preparation. Sometimes it takes years of intensive study and observation. Until we begin to see leadership in our Nation as serious business and not a tea party, we are not ready.

New leaders are about to emerge.

Gather yourselves together!

Nigeria Unite!





He was a mountaineer. He knew his onions. He had been in this sport for many decades. Maybe before I was even born. He was so good that he never got injured. His friends and co mountain climbers had been involved in one mishap or another, but for him?….no way! He was just too good. Well his being good was not a problem. The problem was with how it made him feel and act. He took it all in arrogantly and then rubbed it in provocatively.

Every other person was a nonentity but he! Well one day while strolling down his street, he stepped on a banana peel, slipped and broke his ankle, knee and shoulder. He who didn’t fall from the mountains fell on a peel. Caution! Let he that thinks he stands take heed lest he fall. Pride goes before a fall.




A career is a person’s occupation or profession. It is a kind of job you spend a considerable part of your life doing. Examples of careers are: Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, Soldiering, Writing, Speaking, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Banking, Catering etc. One can either have a fulfilling or frustrating career.
The choice of a career is an important one we all have to make at some point in our lives. It is probably as important as the choice of who you marry. This is considering the fact that some people spend more time on their job than they do with their spouse. A wrong career can really lead to big-time frustration. When you are ‘career-wise’, you make the right career choices but when you are ‘career-foolish’, you make unintelligent or wrong career choices.
I will share a couple of tips that will help us become career-wise.
1. Make your choice early: Don’t wait until you want to get into the university before you decide what you want to be doing for the rest of your life. Decide now. What are your strengths? What would you gladly do for free? What irritates you when not properly done? All these questions can help you make the right choice. It’s not too early to start. If you are a parent, help your kids think through. Study them and see their strengths. Then support them to make their choice. And make sure you don’t try to live your dream career through them. Let them be THEM.

2. Develop on the job: Don’t just choose a career to get a salary. Develop yourself on it. Your career will provide you an opportunity to meet people and become more exposed. Seek better ways to do your job. Learn the latest ways of doing things in your industry; else you will become stale on the job.

3. Have alternative plans: When some people lose their jobs, their world comes crashing down; when others lose theirs, a new world of opportunities opens up before them. When you have alternatives even on your present career, good or bad, it gives you an edge psychologically. Have you ever asked yourself: ‘what if I lose my job and can’t find another in this industry?’ If you have a ready answer, then you have an alternative. If not, it’s time to think. I recommend you get a side passion. Personally, I try to equip myself with two or three skills at a time so I don’t become extinct.

4. Don’t die in a wrong career: I think it was Jim Rohn that said: “if you don’t like where you are, move! You are not a tree.” I know people who have been complaining of their jobs for the past ten years. They have taken no step to provide a remedy. At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re still in complaining mode twenty years from now. Rather than complain all your life, make effort to change. Do something about the situation—Learn a new skill, take courses on your dream career, associate with people in your dream profession (that’s how you will hear of opportunities or get referrals), volunteer for projects to get experience and finally, don’t be scared when it’s time to take the big leap. If you really want to be happy, you need to be daring.

As long as the world exists, people will still keep doing jobs. But not everyone will be daring enough to make the right career choice. Will you be among the few who are daring? Many years from today when you look back at your life, I hope you will be bold to say: “I was career-wise and not career-foolish.”

Mike O. Nwangwa




It used to be a slogan back in the days that Nigeria is the giant of Africa. Whether this is true or not today, I leave to your intellectual objectivity.

Several years ago, we had the groundnut pyramids of Kano, Tin in Jos, Coal in Enugu etc. Where did all these go? We are still the same people in the same location but something has changed about our thinking. What could that be?

I am excited because in the next few months, we will be having a series of talks along this line: Is This The Nation Our Fathers Fought and Died For?

So much seems to have changed. It has become a case of poor in mind, irresponsible or outright ignorant leaders ruling over the affairs of the land. How did we get here as a people?

In your opinion, where did our founding fathers get it wrong? Or at what point did this degeneration begin? I am committed to a better future for my children. What about you?

Hit the comment button and share your thoughts. How did we degenerate to this point as a Nation? Your thoughts will help sharpen others for action.