clockWe all have great dreams. Well…at least most of us. There’s a lot to do, heights to climb, mountains to level and rivers to cross. We’ll certainly love to do them before we die. But try as we might sometimes, we just keep pushing back the take off date.

We never get to write that book. Never get to record that song. Never get to buy that form or take that course. The list is as endless as water cascading down Victoria falls. But you need to take that step now!

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Work procrastinated does not go away. It only makes tomorrow more miserable for you. We must all eat our frogs someday…in our youth or at old age.

I think one of the agitators of putting things off until tomorrow is our feelings. We just don’t feel like it sometimes, and that is understandable, but we must understand too that feelings come and go but our tasks still remain. We must train ourselves to become independent of our feelings. For some of us, our feelings are as unpredictable as the wind, as discordant as a choir singing off key. Yet think what our lives would be like if we acted exactly how we felt all the time. I’m sure some of us will never get out of bed in the morning, or go to work, or pray to God, or talk to anyone, or… succeed. And you know what that means. We will end up directionless, weathered by the storms of life and frustrated.

Just do it, says Nike, the sports company. You must do what is right whether you feel like it or not. You must live your dream, irrespective of how you feel.

I once heard about a pastor whose wife-to-be called off the wedding on the morning of it. People were already in church, choir already singing, guests had come from far and wide only to be told the wedding had been cancelled. Everyone went home with all sorts of feelings: anger for time wasted, fear for what could happen to their own plans and sympathy for the parties involved. A long time later a friend of mine met the pastor in question who was into mission work. He told the group he was addressing that a week after the incident, devastated as he was, he was off for a crusade in one of the villages in Northern Nigeria. I don’t know how he did it, but if that man went by how he felt, he’d never do the work of God again. And I mean never! But here he was still bringing sons to the kingdom. God gave that man another woman for wife and life goes on.

Count sadness, grief, pain, disappointment, discouragement as mere setbacks and as seasons of life you are going through. Winter does not last forever. Don’t tie your feelings to it because soon Spring comes and with it all your hopes, dreams, aspirations and support come springing to life. We can’t be sure if you’ll feel better tomorrow or if the conditions will be in your favor. If it can be done today, do it. There’ll be a lot more things to confront tomorrow. Be strong, be courageous, stand tall. You can do it irrespective of how you feel.

So what do you do when procrastination comes visiting? Drag yourself up and simply do what he says you shouldn’t do. You’ll be all the better for it.

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